Friday, April 30, 2010

We are here, we are here, we are here!!

We arrived in California this past Wednesday, braving storms and deserts to get here...haha. Maybe cold deserts, but definitely the storms. There is a mountain pass about two and a half hours outside of Vacaville we had to go through as it was the fastest way. Lucky us, we caught it right in the middle of a snow storm. It had snowed the night before as well and there were "chain checks" for snow chains before we were allowed to go through. So Josh and I were forced to buy 70 dollar chains. yuck. But they ended up being quite useful. We probably would have died without them. Or ended up in a snow bank. No exaggeration. It was a stressful, white knuckle experience. So we were both very grateful for the prayers said before the trip and in our behalf!
Since we've been here, Josh has already started working and on his first day (yesterday) got a sale! I'm so proud of how he is handling his team and teaching them. He is such a great leader, and one of the rookies yesterday even had something to show for it with his own sale on his very first day. As for me, I will start work sometime next week. We're waiting on my drug test results.
Other things: Josh and I both came down with some weird bug when we first got here. Just headache and dizziness/ maybe fever. Who knows? But I think we're getting over it. hopefully...Pippin is getting used to the new apartment. We follow him around everywhere just to make sure he's not going to claim anything in a nasty way. Silly boy.
That's about it! We're not that exciting, but we love our life.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I hate it when people openly say their situation is worse, or better than mine. I hate it when people belittle or degrade something I'm proud of. I hate when people judge my life and decisions. I hate being judged period. If the world didn't judge, we'd all be friends. I hate that I feel awkward and stupid around people-basically I choose to be antisocial because I think people will think I'm weird or have a bad impression of me. I hate that I care about what people think of my personality, myself, me. Mostly, I hate being controlled by these thoughts.
I hate pessimists. Though hypocritical of what I'm typing now. I hate when people aren't appreciative of my time, thought, and care. No one ever suffered from a thank you.
I hate the word hate...but if I had used "dislike" or simply "don't like" my rant wouldn't be a rant.

Basically, this was word vomit.

Monday, April 5, 2010

leaving soon!!

Josh and I are leaving soon to California!! It's a little bitter-sweet. Missing last summer here in Utah we missed weddings and family vacations and get-togethers..this summer will be that way too. We'll miss my mom's side of the family's reunion and my cousin's sealing and people that I love coming to visit here..and I've formed attachments to some of my rise kids/adults. That job has become more and more likeable, and even lovable. It just makes me sad...but we're also grateful for the opportunity to go to California and start saving that money to pay off Josh's credit as well as just to start a savings. Being away from family last year also made it possible to be more independent as a couple with Josh and I feel like that's one of the best things a married couple can do. We're excited though!
This last weekend Josh and I went to the Melting Pot (both our first times). It was an Easter/de-stress celebration. Chocolate fondue never disappoints : )
Easter and Conference are probably the best things to happen all in one weekend. I can never remember specific things about Conference, but the feelings and promptings were wonderful. I do remember a bit of Elder Holland's talk. He said something like,"Let's all try to be as pure as we were made to be." (although it always comes across better in their words). It was good to hear that and good to remember that we started out in heaven as pure spirits and came to earth pure as well in our first eight years. And the talks about Christ were just beautiful...can't wait for the Ensign.
Just as a side note, I work with a sweet girl in the mornings to get her ready for school with her mom's help. Her mom is extremely health food conscious especially since her daughter has food allergies. Every morning there is something new that I find out about healthy, organic, and green products. It's fascinating. I think I'm becoming more aware of stuff like that and I thought I never would. I've really enjoyed my time talking with her though and learning more about healthy alternatives and green products. this morning it was sunflower seed peanut butter. so delicious!

Our family ; )

Our family ; )