Tuesday, July 6, 2010

negative and positive thoughts

So, depressing thoughts first so I can end on a good note. I think I've expressed how I am not a fan of my supervisor at CPC. She can most assuredly be counted on to be rude; her gas tank of tact always blinking on empty. Recently, the branch has made some changes regarding another employee and where they think her most useful. I noticed last week when my supervisor called this particular woman into her office to discuss something behind closed doors. This usually means that individual is in trouble, or there is something about to happen. In this case it was the later. This employee was moved from one department to another, and without any prior notification to myself, I was told she would be taking over my desk and I hers. I had no immediate problem with this. My desk was smack dab in front of my supervisors and the hole she burned daily in the back of my head was throbbing for relief; however, I was never told exactly what I would be doing now that I was moved. The conversation and concern was directed solely at the employee who was changing departments. I was told I would possibly be taking over a different group of paperwork, and that was it. Today I was confused. I admit, part of it was my fault in not asking what my specific jobs were, but I felt jostled. I realized I missed the people I usually sat around and directed my questions to. I realized I didn't really know if this woman had taken over my responsibilities and I hers. It didn't seem as if she was doing the things I had done. Nothing was explained. So I assumed my regular tasks and asked around if anyone needed help with their things as I usually did. Later, I heard one of my fellow employees ask our supervisor if I was still helping with a certain department. Her reply,"You guys get comfortable with distributing the workload amongst yourselves and we'll use and abuse Sarah for the other stuff while she's here." And later, she walked right by my desk and said to the employee seated next to me," Feel free to ask Sarah to do whatever you'd like her to." Never once telling me directly that she would like me to help the other employees with their workload, which in fact I had been doing since the first day on my job. Come to think of it, she never told me what I should be doing from that first day. I got the jobs that eventually became routine by asking for them in the first place. I wish now that I had approached her to tell her she could speak to me and that I had ears. And I don't care if this seems over-exaggerated, she clearly does not do her job well if she cannot communicate with the employees she should be supervising. Now that my desk is further away and she cannot see every little thing that I do, today she walked by and around my desk more frequently than I'd ever seen her approach that particular side of the room. She is a micro-manager in every way except that she does not ASK. She merely makes me feel low and stupid by reprimanding and correcting after the fact, not explaining and understanding before. I do my job, and I do it as damn well as I'm capable, even if it does involve stuffing envelopes. I never remember feeling this much anger towards a person...She's entirely a troll.
Which brings me to a happier note. I am re-reading Harry Potter 6 at the moment. The movie that came out last year has been my favorite so far, and even in the first few pages I had forgotten how much they excluded from the movie. It's been fun to not remember certain things that happen and get excited about it all over again. I wish I could go to the amusement park and try some butterbeer...mmm. I imagine it tastes like butterscotch or something. (I just realized this paragraph could be read quite easily in a British accent. Even the words enclosed in parenthesis). haha
Josh and I have a pizza night a week. Or maybe two. But usually we don't have a set day to get a pizza. We just decide that we want it one day. Today happens to be that day! And the thrill of pizza night is still as amazing as it ever was. I also typed this as a status on facebook and decided there were too many ways to say I was excited for pizza...I ended up putting down maybe the fifth or so thought that came to my head. Why can't I just say what I mean? haha...

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Our family ; )

Our family ; )