Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Conglomerate Post

Seeing as it's been since July that I last posted, I have a lot to "catch up" on, if the things I talk about could indeed be described as having to be told. Mostly they are just thoughts and not necessarily things that have happened...
Numero uno: I absolutely dislike freshmen. College freshmen! I had no idea I may have acted that way...but isn't that always the case? At the University of Utah, I do imagine the maturity level of freshmen there as compared to BYU is marginally significant. So I can give myself some comfort in that knowledge. But if I were good at math I wouldn't be in this position. The math class I am taking is stuff I started doing in elementary school through my sophomore year...anyway, let's just say we aren't the brightest crayons in the box in that auditorium. I could rant on about how the two most annoying girls sat behind me yesterday, but this subject has already had too much undeserved typing devoted to it.
Dos: Lately I have enjoyed getting little craft ideas, but that's just the thing, they are ideas. And they float around in my head waiting to come to fruition, but I don't exactly have the most amazing craft supplies. My next idea: a craft closet with every little sharp razor, spool of ribbon, and scrap of fabric my heart desires (also a sewing machine)......I'll start with garage sales. Hopefully that will get me somewhere.
Tres: I love my job (and am happy to be back with it!). I think I've posted about it before, but the people I've met through working at Rise have had such an impact on me. The best part is that it's an ongoing thing.
Quatro: Josh and I are glad to be back home. It's good to be with family : ) some not so happy things have happened, but in the end when we really stick together and care for each other, things will turn out alright.


The Dennett's said...

I am glad you posted! because I'm always coming on here seeing if you did and I love reading about my best friend's life :)
un: freshmen ARE annoying. and for some reason girls are worse than boys. it think its because they're like living away from parents and like driving around in those like new cars that their parents bought like just for them to "survive".
deux: I am right there with ya. I just RECENTLY started doing crafts again after convincing Jonathan that it is one of those things that makes me truly happy.
trois: yay for not having that old stinky job and returning to this awesome older job! :)
quatre: home is nice, but Rexburg is calling your name. hehe


Kevin and Jamie said...

How did I not realize that you had a blog!!!!!!!!! I am so happy that I have finally figured that out! I hope you two are doing great. Tell everyone hello for us!

Our family ; )

Our family ; )