Saturday, January 29, 2011

The funny things dogs do...

I love my dogs. They are practically my kids. I also love other people's dogs almost as much. Here are some thoughts to put a smile in your head and a laugh on your face.
1. On the way home from work early in the morning, I saw a teeny tiny chihuahua booking it down the street towards me. At first I was worried that he would get hit, but then I noticed he seemed to know where he was going because he turned full speed at the next street and kept booking it. Teeny chihuahua's run hilariously.
2. We went to have a movie night with Josh's sister tonight. (We watched Despicable Me. So cute.) As we pull in the driveway, we can see two little beagles along the side fence looking at us. When we get out of the car, they started to howl and get so excitedly loud, probably the whole neighborhood hears it. Needless to say, Amanda and Kagan do not need a doorbell. (P.S. They continue this behavior even as we're inside the house because they get so excited. Adorably loud.)
3. We recently got our little Gimbles a harness because he pulls too hard on his collar and has given himself some pretty nasty looking scabs on his neck. Poor thing. Gimli is a special dog to begin with, but now we call him our special little harness dog. He is just so sweet and dumb it fits him. Right now, for instance, he is chewing on a bone, randomly getting up to move every now and then, and wagging his tail because he's so happy with himself and the situation. (Pippin is under a blanket. His cavern and hiding place. Like an ostrich, he doesn't think anyone will find him as long as he is covered.)
So funny : )

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The Dennett's said...

haha, I think you achieved a laugh with this one :)
funny post!

Our family ; )

Our family ; )