Thursday, December 8, 2011

I actually have time to do this!

Hello blogging world!
This is the last of my two posts a year! Maybe next year I will make it a goal to write five times?
The year has gone by a little too fast. I will not mention everything that has gone on, that would take forever...or two sentences since nothing really has gone on besides school and work.
I've almost finished with school this semester! Two more tests and a final left and I will be half-way into my junior year : ) Ah that feels good to say! Josh and I are doing well and we are doing busy things. Halloween, then our anniversary, then Thanksgiving, then Josh's birthday, then work and ward parties (Josh is frying four turkeys for our ward party this weekend! yikes) sister getting endowments and married next week! eek, then Christmas and New Years....then a whoooole new semester...I cannot believe it. I'm pretty excited for all of this to happen though.
As I'm typing this, my der-der-der dog Gimli is biting the lever that makes the computer chair lower or higher. He thinks he can bite it off I guess. I love my dogs :)
*edit* I realize Halloween and Thanksgiving and, well, half the things on my list have already happened. I was trying to allude to the business of what went on and what is going to happen!

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The Dennett's said...

oh Sarah :) it was nice to read a post from you! tell Gimli if he doesn;t behave you have to give him me! hahaha...that will get him to stop since I am sure he is terrified of my son :) I need to call you soon, just to chat. love you..

Our family ; )

Our family ; )