Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring has sprung!!

So somehow while I was writing this, I got distracted and started multitasking and forgot about it. Here's me remembering. So this was supposed to be posted yesterday. Though it may not matter much.
When I got home from work today (yesterday) I really had to use the restroom and didn't have time to do anything else. My dog was upset that I didn't say hello and jumped me while I was on the toilet (yesterday), flailing on my lap leaving huge scratches down my leg. ouuuch. They feel like paper-cuts/rug-burns...(not so much anymore) anyway...
Today (yesterday) was a let down weather wise. It rained/is (was) cloudy. But yesterday (the day before yesterday) and the day before (the day before before yesterday) got into the 60's! It's like, hello spring! all of a sudden. I loved it. And I hope that there are no more snowy days. This (yesterday) morning I took Pippin for a walk and found flowers sprouting from the ground around the tree in our front yard! It makes me so happy :) Yay for spring! *end of yesterday's writing
Today today. It snowed. So much for the hoping...but that's Utah :)

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The Dennett's said...

I know how you feel :) It still snows here on occasion and it is really u!

Our family ; )

Our family ; )