Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Back!

After a long hiatus from blogging, I decided (after seeing my sister-in-law pick it back up, and after watching a recent House episode in which the sick girl was addicted to blogging) to start telling the one person that reads this more about my life. :)
Josh and I are waiting on one of the best things that happens all year: tax returns! Our plans are many though the return probably won't be enough to cover them all. A dining table is highest on the list (KSL has become my friend lately). A new bed, new clothes for both of us, a welcome table? for the living room, a remodeled master bath, a new recliner to replace the old stinky one in the spare room, and maybe a Wii game and some scentsy stuff. haha. never going to all happen. but it's a good wish list.
We're planning on going back to California this summer. It's something Josh and I are really looking forward to! It's the time of the year we can both work and earn great pay - so there are no worries on whether or not we can pay the bills. We also get to save money which is wonderful as well. Last year if we hadn't gone to California, we probably wouldn't be living in this mobile home for lack of a down payment, and we probably couldn't afford to live anywhere else besides one of our parent's houses. So so grateful that that has never been the case...basically, Josh working for Clark has been such a blessing and we're happy to do it again.
That's mainly what's happened...and it's not really all that fun to write about catch-up things. haha ketchup...but one more thing. I'm reading Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert. It acts as a sequel to Eat, Pray, Love. Both books I highly recommend. They are fantastically written and will give you insight to your own soul. I felt like I was reading a self-help book, yet being very entertained at the same time. Both are non-fiction as they are about the author's life. (I tried looking in the fiction section for Eat, Pray, Love when I first heard of it and grew very frustrated when it wasn't there!) So read it!
Much love, and here's to hoping I write again sooner than 6 months!
p.s. my header looks so stupid...I tried using power point to use the font, color, and positioning I wanted and it wouldn't take the file. Does anyone know how to fix it?

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The Dennett's said...

Oh yay! I can leave comments now! It actually lets me!
I don't think the header looks dumb at all- the new layout is rockin!
I think it's great that you & josh have the oppurtunity to go back to CA and get things in order. It really is a blessing to have a reliable job.
All those things sound so nice! I LOVE scentsy products..but you know what? I bought scented wax from Walmart for only $2 and it works just as good. Go figure!
It seems that out of all our friends we are getting the smallest tax return (haha), but we will use it to pay off the ring and save the rest for Talmage. Gosh how I love this time of year :D
love you much! Keep blogging PLEASE!

Our family ; )

Our family ; )