Thursday, May 20, 2010

I've just realized something. This blog doesn't have to have exciting things logged into it every time I want to write something. The boring and mundane little things in life can be here too.
Josh's and my day today:
Woke up at 8 AM to get ready for the day. Took showers, ate a lovely breakfast courtesy of lovely shopping trip the previous night, and headed off to the Clark office.
9 AM - Arrive at Clark office. My day begins, Josh heads off to start his team meeting.
9 AM-12 PM - Answer phones and re-file the whole commercial accounts filing cabinet (this has been ongoing for this week). Josh is somewhere in the Vacaville area knocking on someone's door trying to sell them pest control.
12 PM - lunch (Josh is still selling....)
12:30 PM - (I know, short lunch) back to the filing and the phone answering and the paperwork. Josh is still selling...I think.
1:00 PM - Josh is definitely home, playing a video game or something. Lately he has been into soccer? So perhaps watching ESPN as well. who would have thought : ) (I'm still working)
3:00 PM - Josh picks me up at the back door of the Clark building and whisks me away to relax at home. We have an hour...
4:00 PM - Josh leaves again to work. I catch up on the shows I missed the night before and read my book. Finally got the last Shannon Hale Books of Bayern book. Turns out they aren't as popular in California libraries : ) Good thing for me.
8:00 PMish...Josh will come home along with 5 other guys. All tired from a hard day's work. They fill out paperwork and talk about the day - sometimes there are funny stories involved : ). My smiley face has a mole.
After they leave, we finally have a late late late dinner...then try to accomplish any errands we need to run.
bed time is at 11...we are both tired by then. PS, the bed is not a bed. But a rock in disguise. Nighty night.


The Dennett's said...

": ). My smiley face has a mole."
hahaha...thank you Sarah for makin me laugh.

sounds eventful! and a little tiring :( but I am there, seems mundane sometimes, being at home on the couch with my boob hanging out all day (sorry..but seriously who is gonna read this and care that I said that?) lol. anyway, I love you! if you are ever at home with nothing to do then call me. I would love that.

SBR said...

i just got this. and perhaps you won't get this message back but now i'm excited to call you tomorrow! yay! (haha you are so right that no one will read this..)loves

Our family ; )

Our family ; )